Coming Home 2, 20×16, oil on linen

Posted 7th October 2013 | One Comment

Although this is based on a compilation of several references, I wanted to paint this because I saw the family coming home from the fields on the eve of St. Sofia’s day. The church in Langada (the big one) is St. Sofia. The mule was loaded with stuff to feed people at the feast the next day, and the boy and his mother looked like they’d had a long day.Coming Home 2, 20x16, oil on linen, #436

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One Response to “Coming Home 2, 20×16, oil on linen”

  1. Mauve says:

    I like the composition of the focus running through the woman, donkey, and boy. The curve at the bottom is really helpful- it hints at a long, curving path ahead of them.

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