Coming Home 2, 20×16, oil on linen

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Although this is based on a compilation of several references, I wanted to paint this because I saw the family coming home from the fields on the eve of St. Sofia’s day. The church in Langada (the big one) is St. Sofia. The mule was loaded with stuff to feed people at the feast the next day, and the boy and his mother looked like they’d had a long day.Coming Home 2, 20x16, oil on linen, #436

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Moonlit Nights, 12×9, oil on linen, #434

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The full moon–“panselino”–is a big event on Amorgos. Nowhere, however, is it celebrated more warmly that at Georgia’s place in Tholaria. From there you can watch as the light slowly brightens, and the moon comes over the dark mountains, usually to the accompaniment of just the right music. Georgia, who is the woman in the picture, charmingly greets everyone and makes them feel lucky to be there for this event.Moonllit Nights, 12x9, oil on linen, #434

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Staying on the Path, 12×9, oil on linen, #432

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I wanted to paint this goat because it was intent on staying on the path, but very aware of me and other things going on around off to the side of the path.Staying on the Path, 12x9, oil on linen, #432

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Yellow Chair, 10×8, oil on carton, #430

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These chairs are so comfortable, they always make me just want to sit and do nothing for a while. This one is juxtaposed against a view of Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna on Naxos.Yellow Chair, 10x8, oil on carton, #430

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Return to the Village, 8×10, oil on linen, #429

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This is the view of Langada, Amorgos, coming back from the Church of Our Lady of the Upper Village. The island in the background is Nikouria.Return to the Village, 8x10, oil on linen, #429

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Another Nuzzle? 11×14 oil on linen #427

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The birth of a donkey in Langada isn’t an everyday event. In times past, nearly every family owned a donkey and many houses had an attached stable (yes, stable, not garage). As the older generation passes on, though, and some of the younger folks go to make a living off-island, fewer and fewer donkeys are needed. The roads are better, and in many cases, working the land has been replaced by other jobs. So I can’t help but visit this little one as many times a day as I can. He’s growing fast (I think he’s a month or two old now). Many times, too, his sweet mother looks like she’s had enough of juvenile antics.Another Nuzzle?  11x14 oil on linen

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Goat Laugh, 12 x 9, oil on linen, #425

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Another goat against the sea. Or sky, if you think so. Also another case of it could be 12 x 9 or 16 x 12. I’m not sure which I like better. Are you?






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Focus 1, 12 x 9, Value study, oil on linen, #423

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I came upon this mule as we were driving down to the port. He seemed very responsive to everything I said to him!

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Laundry 2, 16 x 20, oil on linen, #422

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Another attempt at the laundry next door.

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Laundry, 12 x 16, oil on linen, #421

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We had a lot of different weather today – clouds, sun, mist, a little rain. I decided to paint in the studio, and looked out the window to see my neighbors laundry weathering the passing storms.

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