Triplets – Three Chapels in Hora, Amorgos Sold

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This is a late afternoon painting of a group of three chapels in the island’s main town, Hora.  Each (inhabited) island in the Cyclades has a Hora, though sometimes the town is known by another name.  Some people consider Hora, Amorgos, the prettiest Hora in the Cyclades. It’s full of winding streets with a lot of bougainvillea and geraniums.

Three chapels in Xora, Amorgos
Triplets-Three Chapels in Hora, Amorgos, 8 X 16, Oil on Linen

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Agios Pavlos Dust Storm d

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Safe Harbor?  Dust Storm at Agios Pavlos

Agios Pavlos Dust Storm, 12 X 16, Oil on Linen

May 13, 2010. Passing Agios Pavlos, a wonderful beach across from the island of Nikouria, we saw that a bunch of goats had taken up residence in a stone bus stop. They were on the benches that lined the walls, and even sitting in the building’s little windows! We got out to take pictures, but of course they ran away. Meantime, the sky was getting darker and darker and the sea, more and more dramatic. I knew I had to paint this, so I rushed to the trunk of our rental car and got out the trusty Soltek. The wind was coming up, but I thought I’d be OK in the shelter of the bus stop. I set up as the clouds thickened and the wind swirled. Dashed paint on canvas. The wind so strong it tipped the Soltek, so I put a nearby rock on the palette and painted with my right hand as I held onto the panel with my left. Just as it was all getting impossible, the big, fat raindrops started to hit. Gathered up my stuff in a hurry and ran for the car. That was the start of a howling dust storm that plummeted the island for a day and a half. Fine sand all over everything, and everybody hating to leave their houses. I think this is as close to the Sahara as I ever want to be.

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Coffee in the Shade d

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Brad is sitting shaded by the bougainvillea which grows on the terrace at Niko’s taverna in Langada, Amorgos. He was also the model for the guy to his left. I set up in the shade on the little square below. Difficult value problems: I’m in the shade, looking into bright, bright sun, and up the steps into deep shade. Oh dear! Got the shade too light, had to darken it later, but lost the clear, thin darks as a result. The woman in black is Irini, Niko’s mother. During the painting session, she crossed from her bakery, up the steps to the right, to her house, to the left, several times. I liked the way the sun hit her black dress, and I needed something in the lower left, so I added her to the picture. She belongs in this scene, because she’s always there–early morning to late at night.Brad in the shade in front of Nikos, Langada

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Sofie’s Steps

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Another step picture on a beautiful, clear May day. Didn’t start till 11 a.m., but there were still shadows. Would have liked to include Sofie in the painting, but she walked up her steps too quickly! My camera was in my pocket and my hands were covered in paint. Maybe I’ll catch her later.Langada Step Painting 2

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The Donkey at the Top of the Steps

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Painted on our second morning in Langada, Amorgos. Beautiful, clear May day. Temp about 80, no wind. No problem with the sun. Several people who live in the village passed by, welcoming us back. Near the end of the painting Nikolas, who owns the donkey, loaded up the sack on the wall and led the donkey down the steps. Perfect timing!Steps at Niko's

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