Another Nuzzle? 11×14 oil on linen #427

Posted 11th September 2013 | One Comment

The birth of a donkey in Langada isn’t an everyday event. In times past, nearly every family owned a donkey and many houses had an attached stable (yes, stable, not garage). As the older generation passes on, though, and some of the younger folks go to make a living off-island, fewer and fewer donkeys are needed. The roads are better, and in many cases, working the land has been replaced by other jobs. So I can’t help but visit this little one as many times a day as I can. He’s growing fast (I think he’s a month or two old now). Many times, too, his sweet mother looks like she’s had enough of juvenile antics.Another Nuzzle?  11x14 oil on linen

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One Response to “Another Nuzzle? 11×14 oil on linen #427”

  1. Mauve says:

    Very expressive donkey faces!

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