Not Just Another Pretty Face, approx 14 x 11, oil on linen, #411

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Added color to this one today. I’m not sure how the dimensions will work out eventually, since the painting is actually bigger than this picture. I plan to crop it somehow.

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Not Just Another Pretty Face Value Sketch, approx 10 x 8, oil on linen panel, #410

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I was so taken with this mule’s expression, I couldn’t help trying to get a portrait sketch. I think this may be the same mule as in a painting from last summer, from Aegiali.

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Loaded Up, 12 x 16, oil on linen panel, #409

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First attempt at color on this one’s nearly done. I’m trying to “grey” the colors more, starting out with piles of warm and cool greys. I kind of miss the bright colors, but think this is a good practice for me right now.

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Loaded Up Sketch, 12 x 16, oil on linen panel, #408

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On my morning walks lately I’ve seen quite a few donkeys fully loaded with “groceries” for the coming months.

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Going Places, 16 x 12, oil on linen panel #407

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I’m still trying to find out how to make the goats emerge from the background slowly, like they do when you see them near the road.

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Going Places Sketch, 16 x 12, oil on linen panel, #406

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We’ve been to Hora several times in the past week, once to an amazing concert of Greek traditional music, and I’ve had to stop along the way to spend some time with the goats on the road. These are two of them, just moving along with the herd.

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Taking a Break, 18 x 24, oil on canvas, #405

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One of my colleagues offered to take her breaks near the steps I was painting.

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Agia Anna, 20 x 16, oil on canvas, #404

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The fishing boats stayed in port all day, luckily for us painters!

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Naxos Harbor, 9 x 12, oil on canvas, #403

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After dodging rain drops while painting at the cathedral all morning, we painted in gale-like winds at the harbor in the afternoon.

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Kavos Geraniums, 16 x 20, oil on canvas, #402

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In this first painting from Tim Hall’s workshop at the Kavos in Agios Prokopios, you can see we were dodging thunderheads all afternoon. That’s OK, the info on warm and cool greys and purples more than made up for a few raindrops.

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