Goat-Partial Shade 2, 12 x 16, oil, #152

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Another one of the goats from the side of the road. Their stares fascinate me, but I really just love the way the sun lights up different areas, since the overhanging rocks are uneven.

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Donkey Head Shot 2, 16 x 12, oil, #151d

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Same donkey; another pose. Since he was in shadow, I tried to emphasize the different colors in his coat, and lighten the background for contrast.

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Dark/Light Donkey, 16 x 12, oil, #150d

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Today a charitable organization sent a vet and a farrier to treat Langada’s donkeys. Not all were brought for treatment, but progress was made nevertheless. I’ll post a site later where there’s more info about this.

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Resting Goat-Part Shade, 12 x 16, oil, #149

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We often see goats nestled in improbable places in the rocks by the side of the road between Aegiali and Chora as we drive the mountain highway far above the sea. Most of them choose shade, but this one was enough in the sun to let it light up his luxurious silky-looking hair.

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Sunday in Port, 9 x 12, oil, #148

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Went down to Aegiali to see the Sunday ferry come in, and caught the fishing boats in port for a windy day of rest.

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Reading in the Shade, 16 x 12, oil, #147d

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Worked on doing plein air oil sketches of Brad and Georgios outside Georgios’ coffee shop today. Never could get Georgios to look right, though he sat well, not really posing, but aware that I was there.

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Voula Beach-Katapola, 12 x 9, oil, #146

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This is the secondary entrance to the Voula Beach Hotel in Katapola, Amorgos. Not very near any beach. Wonder what the story is. It’s right next to the School of Foreign Languages, and shares the same wonderful bougainvillea, which was in a painting I posted in May 2010.

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Chora Vista 2, 18 x 24, oil, #145d

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A windy, cloudy day, with dibs and dabs of rain, so I worked on painting this from the plein air sketch of a few days ago. (#140)

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Sunday at Georgio’s, approx 8 x 12, oil, #144

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These men, regulars at Georgio’s coffee shop in Aegiali, gathered in the shade of a warm Sunday morning to talk of many things….Photo ref by Brad Offutt.

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Green Shutter, 8 x 6, oil, #143d

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Detail from a house in Tholaria, Amorgos.

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