Daydreams, 8 x 10, oil, #81

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This sketch is taken from a photo ref of two men sitting at a table outside a small cafe in Aegiali, Amorgos. I wanted to take pieces from the ref, rearrange them a little, and hopefully, put them back together in a little different way in a future, larger painting.

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Orchid, 10 x 8, oil, #80d

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Today a friend set up a beautiful still life, with orchid. Not knowing any better, I jumped right in and started painting. Turned out to be difficult!

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First Blossoms, 8 x 6, oil, #79d

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Ever since I saw reproductions of Sally Ruddy’s new flower paintings, I’ve been looking for the first flowering trees in our area. Today I took a trip to Seattle, where Spring is a little farther along, and brought back a few blossoms to paint.

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After Morning Chores 2, 40 x 30, oil, #78

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This is a larger painting based on a smaller sketch (#76). Things changed somewhat, probably because I hadn’t looked at the photo ref for a couple of days. It’s hard to describe, but I began to “inhabit” the space in the larger piece as I was painting it. I liked being there for a while. Listening to Eleftheria Arvanitakis was part of it, too.

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Ano Potamia, 12 x 16, oil, #77

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Today I worked on a larger painting of yesterday’s sketch. Hope to finish tomorrow. Meantime, I’m posting one of the plein air sketches from last fall’s trip to Greece. This one was painted in a small village, Ano Potamia, in the interior on Naxos.

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After Morning Chores, 12 x 9, oil, #76

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After early morning chores out in the fields, a retired schoolteacher returns to the village in time to open his store for the day. Busy man, but not too busy to greet us as we strolled out of the Langada on our morning walk.

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Donkey and Daisies, 10 x 8, oil, #75d

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This is from a photo ref I took on Amorgos one April. The fields were covered in daisies after a winter with a lot of rain. The donkey was standing near the path to Stroumbos, and you can see Tholaria on the ridge in the distance.

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Coffee with a Friend, 8 x 6, oil, #74

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A friend generously let me paint this still life set-up. I loved the coffee pot, with all its reflections, and the creamy yellow cup.

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Pansy Time, 6 x 8, oil, #73

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Decided to try a horizontal. Last of the pansies for now.

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Spring Planting, 8 x 6, oil, #72

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Another take on the pansies I brought in yesterday.

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