Conversation ? 3, 24 x 30, oil, #91

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Final take on “Conversation.” I’m definitely ready to leave these two, much as I’ve enjoyed being with them for a while.

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Waiting for Customers at Cousin’s, 10 x 8, oil, #90d

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Thirty-six hours without internet. Bummer. So…here’s yesterday’s oil sketch from a photo ref taken by Brad at Cousin’s, near Chehalis. Today I’m working on a bigger version of Conversation.

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Conversation? (2) 16 x 20, oil, #89

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Another take on this couple, this time on rougher-textured linen, and in a bigger format. I’m still fascinated by their juxtaposition, and by whatever “back story” I’m imagining as I paint them.

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The Regulars, 16 x 20, oil, #88

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This is a painting from last summer, from a photo ref taken in Aegiali, Amorgos. Very often, “the regulars” gather at Georgio’s for coffee in the cool spot by the steps. The figures in the painting don’t actually resemble the real “regulars” very much. I exaggerated them for the picture.

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Decaf? 12 x 16, oil, #87

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Back for another shot at a generous friend’s coffee pot, and cup. Just love the roundness of the pot. Her studio smelled good, too, from some beautiful lilies she had set up.

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Pink One, 6 x 8, oil, #86d

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Another orchid challenge. Bought a pink one; had to paint it.

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Full Load, 16 x 8, oil, #85

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This donkey was tied to a post outside Niko’s taverna in Langada a couple of years ago.  The background was kind of complicated, so I simplified it down to just a few shapes.  I also had to intensify the light as it was pretty flat on the overcast day on which the photo ref was taken.

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The Conversation, 8 x 10, oil, #84

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I liked the juxtaposition of this couple, and the man’s red sweater. Redid the background in a lighter shade.

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October in Naxos, 8 x 10, oil, #83d

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This oil sketch was done from an on-site watercolor I did on a very breezy day on Naxos last fall. The row of century plants runs along a hill not far from Galanado, and very near a wonderful old house, which has this view.

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Daydreaming 2, 10 x 8, oil, #82

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This is another piece of the same photo ref used in #81. I’m exploring these figures, hoping to get them together soon.

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