Jim’s Apples 2, 9 x 12, oil, #59

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This oil sketch is another take on #58, also painted en plein air, about 45 minutes later. The shadows had changed quite a bit, and I decided to add more sky on the right.

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Jim’s Apples, 9 x 12, oil, #58

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Today was the first plein air session this year. The trees are still bare, but the sun was out, and standing in it in the lee of the barn made painting outside possible. What a great feeling!

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Lap Sitter, 8 x 10, oil, #57

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Lap dog, lap sitter, whatever…that’s her! This was an informal photo ref, not a planned set-up. With planning, I’d try for a little different lighting.

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Vanessa at the Diner, 9 x 12, oil, #56

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In this oil sketch, I wanted to highlight “Vanessa,” so I included less of the diner.

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Donkey IV, 10 x 8, oil, #55. Sold.

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This Langada donkey was standing on a bank, head against the sky. I’m concentrating on the light and shadow on his face (which I wish were more in sun) and the slight reddish tint of his coat. SOLD

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Katapola Street, 16 x 12, oil, #54

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Art business consumed much of the day; no finished painting yet, so I’m posting one from Amorgos last fall. This street leads to the harbor and, though steep, is busy, because it also leads to the butcher shop. Makes it interesting and lively for a plein air painting session.

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Uncertain, 10 x 8, oil, #53

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This one seemed not to know what to make of me when I stopped during one of my morning walks in Langada. I changed his background a little because there were some awkward distractions (like the south side of another donkey)!

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White Mule, 10 x 8, oil, #52

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This white mule lives with two other white ones in a rocky pasture out by the Church of Our Lady of the Upper Village, about a 20 minute walk from Langada. They make quite a site when they’re running across the hillside.

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Horse and Apples, 8 x 10, oil, #51d

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While I was painting I was thinking of the horse in a field of giant apples, and how it might like to take just one bite. The horse belongs to the friend who set up the still life. I liked her combination.

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Thursday Night at the Diner, 9 x 12, oil, #50

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Another one based on a photo taken by Brad Offutt. I wanted to paint this because of the kind of lonely feeling in the almost-empty diner, and the slightly past mid-century-modern decor.

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