Ready for a Break, 16 x 8, oil, #31

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I was intrigued with the shape and innards of our coffee press.

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Oranges and Blue Bowl, 8 x 10, oil #30d

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A friend put this still life together. Fresh oranges and the wonderful blue bowl. The chip in the bowl, and the freshly-opened oranges just speak to me of the fragility of things.

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Give Me a Break, 12 x 12, oil, #29d

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I think I learned some things from this one, and I’m ready to try some more chrome. First, though, a lot of sketches, and some quality time with Bill Rhea’s site ( and his fantastic kitchen pictures.

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Daydreaming, 20 x 16, oil, #28d

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Another model to paint today. Such good luck, such good friends. A dreamy kind of day.

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Time to Recycle, 8 x 10, oil, #27

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The plastic bottles from a different angle. The clock’s one I was given (and it was old then) when I was nine and kept burrowing under the covers instead of getting up for school.

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The Tall and the Short of It, 6 x 8, oil, #26d

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First it was glass, now it’s plastic. But really, it’s all about the light.

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Warming Up, 10 x 8, oil, #25d

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Another day of life drawing and painting from a model. It’s an article of faith that continual practice results in continual improvement. Keep the faith, baby!

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Working on Sauvie, 30 x 24, oil, #24

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This was fun, in that strange way where a challenge is fun with excruciating twists and turns of trying different things. Hope to do it again sometime, but not right away!

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Two Men and a Truck, 10 x 8, oil #23

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Today I worked on a larger version of this oil sketch from last summer on Sauvie Island. I was very taken by the huge old trees and intense light on the island.

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Kodak and Coolpix #22, 8 x 10, oil

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So many reds. That’s why I chose to paint the Coolpix.  I love having it in my pocket on plein air days.  Glad I don’t have to carry around those canisters anymore!

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